An evaluation of credit quality of a company's debt issue by Thomson Financial BankWatch, Moody's, S&P, and Fitch Investors Service. investors and analysts use ratings to assess the riskiness of an investment. Ratings can also be an evaluation a country's creditworthiness or ability to repay, taking into consideration its estimated percentage default rate and political risk. Bloomberg Financial Dictionary
A grade - usually denoted by a letter or series of letters - signifying a security's investment quality. Exchange Handbook Glossary

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rating rat‧ing [ˈreɪtɪŋ] noun
1. [countable] a level on a scale that shows how good, important, or popular something or someone is:

• The President's popularity rating has never been higher.

• The show is several ratings points ahead of its nearest rival.

ˌaverage ˈaudience ˌrating abbreviation AA rating [countable] MARKETING
a measure of the average number of people watching or listening to a TV or radio programme at a particular time
seˈcurity ˌrating [countable]
COMPUTING a measurement of how well a computer or computer network protects private data:

• Windows NT has a C2 security rating.

2. [countable] FINANCE a measurement of the risk of lending to a company etc, calculated by an independent organization called a Ratings Agency:

• Standard and Poor's downgraded (= reduced ) the rating on Pacific's commercial paper to single-A-3 from single-A-2.

• Moody's upgraded (= improved ) its rating on Disney's senior debt to double-A-3 from single-A-2.

AAˈA ˌrating [countable] FINANCE
a credit rating that can be given to a share, bond, or bank by US credit rating agencies such as Standard and Poor's or Moody's, indicating that it is considered to be a very safe investment:

• The bank had AAA debt ratings from both Standard & Poor's and Moody's.

ˈBest ˌrating [countable] INSURANCE
in the US, a measurement of an insurance company's financial strength. The top rating is A+:

• 20% of life insurers hold the top Best rating.

ˈcredit ˌrating [countable] FINANCE
a calculation of a company's or government's financial strength and the risk of it not being able to repay loans or pay suppliers when it should:

• Chrysler's credit rating dropped to junk-bond levels when the company was virtually bankrupt.

• Some analysts believe that Mexico's credit rating will be upgraded (= increased ) to investment grade in the near future.

• Standard & Poor is downgrading (= decreasing ) the credit rating for Sun Alliance Group to double-A-plus from triple-A.

ˈdebt ˌrating [countable] FINANCE
a calculation of the ability of a company or government to pay interest on its debts and to repay them:

• Following the missed payment, Moody's downgraded its debt rating.

• Standard & Poor's has upgraded the debt ratings of Penn Traffic to single-B-minus from triple-C-plus because of improved operating performance.

ˌStandard & ˈPoor's ˌrating [uncountable] FINANCE
the class in which bonds are placed according to the risk involved in investing in them
3. [countable] FINANCE an estimate of the future profitability of investing in a particular company:

• Kidder Peabody recommended Texas Instruments stock, which carries the firm's highest investment rating.

ˈbond ˌrating [countable] FINANCE
the level of risk of a particular bond not being repaid, or of interest payments not being made:

• If the state continues to overspend, its bond rating could drop to single-A.

ˈbuy ˌrating [countable] FINANCE
a dealer's advice that investors should buy a particular company's shares, and that those who already own some should buy more:

• Medtronic jumped 3¾ to 115 after Dean Witter Reynolds repeated a buy rating on the stock.

ˈhold ˌrating [countable] FINANCE
a dealer's advice to holders of a particular company's shares telling them not to sell the shares they have, nor to buy any more shares in that company:

• Some believe Goodyear's situation will improve. Morgan Stanley's Mr Merlis, for example, changed his `hold' rating on Goodyear to a `buy'.

seˈcurity ˌrating [countable]
FINANCE a measurement of the risk of investing in a particular company:

• Analysts gave the company a security rating indicating `questionable financial security'.

ˈsell ˌrating [countable] FINANCE
a dealer's advice to holders of a particular company's shares to sell them:

• The stock came under pressure last week after Goldman Sachs downgraded its rating on the stock while First Boston reiterated (= repeated ) its `sell' rating.

4. also inˈsurance ˌrating [countable] INSURANCE a measurement of the risk of loss, used to calculate how much will be charged for insurance
ˈfleet ˌrating [countable] INSURANCE
a special low rate charged by an insurance company for insuring a group of vehicles or ships owned by one company
5. the ratings [plural] a measurement of how many people watch a television programme or listen to a radio programme:

• CBS Evening News slipped to second place in the ratings.

• NBC's ratings dropped 3% in November.

6. [countable] the class in which a ship or machine is placed, according to its size

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rating UK US /ˈreɪtɪŋ/ noun [C or U]
a measurement of the quality or success of something, or of particular features it has, especially when compared with other things of the same type: get/receive/be awarded a rating »

The game was awarded a five-star rating by Gamer magazine.

approval/popularity rating »

The president's approval rating was around 60%.


a high/excellent/positive rating


a low/poor rating

a 30%/9 point/3-star, etc. rating »

Consumers gave the product a 7.5 point rating on a scale of 1 to 10.

a rating scale/system »

There is currently a voluntary rating system in place for violence on TV.

FINANCE, STOCK MARKET a calculation by a ratings agency of the level of risk of an investment or loan: »

cut/downgrade/lower a rating


raise/lift/upgrade a rating


have/maintain a rating


A policy condition is that the securities must be rated in the four top rating categories by S&P or Moody's.

INSURANCE a calculation by an insurance company of how much someone should pay for insurance, based on the level of risk involved: »

The proposed change in the city's flood insurance rating could reduce premiums by 5%.


calculate/have/receive a rating

COMMERCE, ENVIRONMENT a number or letter showing how powerful something such as a piece of electrical equipment is, how much electricity it uses, etc. so that consumers can compare products: »

These green mortgages are available only to those buying a new home with a high energy efficiency rating.

ratings — Cf. ratings
See also AAA(Cf. ↑AAA), AVERAGE AUDIENCE RATING(Cf. ↑average audience rating), BEST'S RATING(Cf. ↑Best's rating), BOND RATING(Cf. ↑bond rating) noun, BUY RATING(Cf. ↑buy rating), CREDIT RATING(Cf. ↑credit rating), DEBT RATING(Cf. ↑debt rating), FLEET RATING(Cf. ↑fleet rating), HOLD RATING(Cf. ↑hold rating), SECURITY RATING(Cf. ↑security rating), SELL RATING(Cf. ↑sell rating), STANDARD AND POOR'S(Cf. ↑Standard and Poor's)

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